The cone crusher is mainly used in crush high hardrock like basalt, granite, iron ore, etc. It is an important crushing machine in stone crushing and screening plant. How to install a cone crusher? You can learn the way to install a cone crusher in stone crushing and screening plant.


1. Counter the number of parts.
2. Clean the dust on the surface of parts.
3. Apply dry oil on the fixed contact surface.
4. Apply thin oil on the movable surface during installation.

Installation Base

(1) The crusher must be installed on a stable reinforced concrete foundation. The depth of the foundation can be determined by the user according to the local geological conditions.
(2) In order to avoid the accumulation of crushed ore, there must be enough space under the foundation to install transportation equipment.
(3) In order not to damage the foundation, the upper part of the foundation must be covered with a protective plate, which is provided by the user.
(4) The foundation drawings provided by our factory only provide screw positions for infrastructure construction, not infrastructure construction drawings.
(5) The location of the lubrication system and electrical operation can be changed by the user according to the specific environment of the factory, but the order shall not be changed.

Rack Installation

(1) Strict verticality and horizontality should be maintained when installing the frame. The center line of the base can be checked with a spirit level and a hanging hammer on the annular processing surface of the base.
(2) After adjusting the level of the base with the adjusting wedge, tighten the anchor bolts and perform the second irrigation.
(3) After the secondary grouting layer is hardened, take out the adjusting wedge from the base of the crusher, and fill the gap with cement, and then install the frame.
(4) Maintaining the horizontality and verticality of the base can ensure the reliable operation of the machine, otherwise the copper sleeve will contact on one side, grinding the eccentric sleeve and causing the sealing device to work abnormally.

Drive Shaft Installation

(1) When installing the drive shaft, adjust the gasket between the base and the flange of the drive shaft frame.
(2) After the drive shaft is installed, use a template to check the dimensions related to the drive gear.
(3) The axial movement of the transmission gear should be 0.4-0.6mm (that is, the gap at both ends of B).
(4) When disassembling the drive shaft, use the square head fixing screws on the flange of the drive shaft frame to push out; when not disassembling the drive shaft, do not tighten the square head screws.

Hollow eccentric shaft installation

(1) Before installing the hollow eccentric shaft, first install the gasket on the bottom cover and use the hook to place the bottom cover on the lower end of the rack, and then use the hook to install the lower circular plate and the circular plate on the bottom cover in sequence, and make the protrusions of the lower circular plate and the recesses of the bottom cover are locked.
(2) When assembling the hollow eccentric shaft, the eccentric can be fitted into the center hole of the frame with a ring head screw. When installing, it must be dropped stably and the gear should not be impacted.
(3) After the hollow eccentric shaft is installed, the outer end faces of the large and small gears must be aligned and the gear meshing clearance must be checked. For the 1200 cone crusher gear, the tooth side is 2.1-2.58mm.

Bowl-shaped Bearing Installation

(1) Preparations for bowl bearing installation

A. Remove the debris in the oil groove and oil hole.
B. Check whether the dust ring and oil baffle ring are damaged or deformed.
C.  Check whether there is any damage on the processed surface. If there is any damage, repair it immediately.

(2) The bowl-shaped bearing frame should fit closely with the base, and check the tightness of the horizontal contact surface with a feeler gauge.(3) After the bowl-shaped bearing is installed, immediately cover the bowl-shaped tile with the cover plate and then remove the cover plate when the crushing cone is installed.

(4) When installing the bowl-shaped bearing, pay attention to protecting the water inlet pipe, drain pipe, oil retaining ring, and dustproof ring to avoid damage during installation.

Installation of Crushing Cone

(1) Before installing the crushing cone, a firm, higher wooden shelf should be installed nearby.
(2) Remove the protective oil layer coated on the shaft and spherical surface, and blow the lubricating oil hole and oil groove with wind.
(3) Apply a layer of yellow dry oil on the surface of the cone shaft and a layer of thin oil on the spherical surface.
(4) When installing the crushing cone, gently put it into the hollow eccentric shaft, and firmly make the spherical surface contact the bowl-shaped bush of the bowl-shaped bearing to avoid damaging the spherical ring, and install it as shown in Figure 9.

Dustproof Device Installation

(1) The dustproof device of this machine adopts dry oil seal, as shown in Figure 10.
(2) The dry oil seal structure is the same as that of the same type of Symons cone crusher. Practice shows that this structure is safe and reliable, and a set of water supply system is omitted to reduce management costs.
(3) When installing, fill the single cavity with dry oil. Appropriate supplements should be made during each maintenance.

Lubrication Device Installation

(1) The lubrication device can be installed according to the assembly drawing designed by our factory, or it can be configured according to the specific local conditions, but the configuration drawing determined by the user and the required accessories are provided by the user.
(2) The configuration of the lubrication device must ensure that the lubricating oil return must be beneficial.
(3) The installation of the lubrication device should be completed before the crushing cone is installed, because the lubrication device should be tested first, so it is convenient to remove and repair the lubrication failure.

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