The main shaft of the cone crusher bears a large impact load during running, and the phenomenon of main shaft fracture occurs from time to time. Why the cone crusher shaft broken? Let's take a look at the reasons which cause the main shaft of the cone crusher broken.

The Quality is Poor

1、The structure design of cone crusher is unreasonable. If the interference between the main shaft and the moving cone is too large, there is no unloading groove, and the transition fillet is too small, the main shaft is prone to stress concentration, resulting in fatigue damage to the main shaft. If the diameter of the main shaft is small, and the main cone crusher shaft is more prone to break when there is "iron falling" phenomenon in the equipment.

2、In the process of manufacturing the main shaft, the failure of heat treatment reduces the fatigue strength of the main shaft material, and it is easy to produce resistance when encountering unbreakable objects, causing the section to gradually crack, and the main shaft may break in unexpected situations.

Not Well Maintained

1、Lubrication failure: If the bowl-shaped tile and the spherical surface of the body have serious friction, the spindle will be inserted into the spindle bushing too frequently, so that the running clearance will be reduced, and the lubrication failure will cause excessive temperature rise. As the oil temperature is too high, the bush-burning and shaft-holding phenomenon occurs, and the main shaft is easily broken in the tapered part.

2、Iron falling and Overload: Improper use of cone crusher is the main cause of breakage of the spindle, if the “iron falling” is too frequent in the production, the spindle breakage tends to occur. On the other hand, when the equipment is in overload operation for a long time, the main shaft is also easy to break.

3、Device Stuck: In order to achieve the required discharging fineness, the discharging opening is continuously tightened. If unbreakable material enters the crushing cavity, the equipment is likely to jam. Although the cone crusher has an overload protection device, the damage to the equipment cannot be completely avoided, especially the damage to the main shaft of cone crusher, which will cause the main cone crusher shaft to be broken after long operation.

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