As the development of society, the demanding of construction sand, especially the machine-made sand, is increasing very fast. There are mainly two kinds of machine-made sand production line, one is we sand production line and the other is dry sand production line. What are the difference between dry and wet sand production line? You can learn from our article.

The dry sand production line

During the dry sand production process, mud powder is removed from artificial sand not by water but by a sand maker, which can be used to reduce the amount of clay in the machine-made sand to ensure the quality of artificial sand and get better artificial sand.

In dry sand production line, by using powder selecting machine, it separates powder from sand to select the excellent sand as building sand and collect dust as a by-product. This process is more applied to areas far from the water source, such as arid regions.

The dry sand production line

The wet sand production line

The sand producing by sand washing machine can get round sand in appearance and reduce the soil content. It is more suitable for water areas, closing to water source, where a sedimentation tank can be built to recycle water and a fine sand recycling machine also can be added to collect fine sand in waste water.

The wet sand production line

The difference between dry and wet sand production line

You can learn from this article talked above. The difference is that water is needed in the process. Both dry sand production line and wet sand production line have their own advantages. But users should choose a production line according to the configuration requirement of sand production line and various geographical restrictions.

The Features of Dry Sand Making

1.It usually adopts stones with the size of below 40㎜ as raw materials
2. It often adopt high duty and super fine sand maker, so the content of stone powder is controllable.
3. It uses air classifier device and don’t need to screw sand washer.
4. Its investment cost is relatively low.
5. Simple operation and low operation cost.
6. It can also produce high quality manufactured sand near to the sand produced through wet sand making method.
7. There may be some mud existing in raw stone materials and it is hard to treatment, which will influence the quality of the end product.
8. The raw stone materials should be dry.

The Features of Wet Sand Making

1. It usually uses stones with the size of below 25㎜ as raw materials.
2. The stones are ground by the sand crusher and may generate more stone powder that will be washed out by sand washer, the lost rate of final product is higher.
3. It will generate lots of waste water, so it should instill sewage treatment equipment.
4. It needs to use chemical drugs as additives.
5. Its investment cost is relatively higher than dry sand making method at preliminary stage.
6. Higher operation cost
7. It can produce higher quality manufactured sand with better grain shape.

In brief, dry sand making and wet sand making process both have its advantages. Generally, dry sand making process is more suit for areas lack of water resources or use water with more difficulty while wet sand making process is suit for areas are rich in water resources.

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